Board of Directors

Ron Akel
Ron Akel joined the board in 2005. He brings his business experience as a partner in the former Giant Markets. Among his passions are classical music and history. He’s very proud of having attended Radio City Music Hall Christmas shows every year since 1966. Ron is a lifelong area resident, with his two brothers creating a history of serving the area in countless way – often very quietly.

Larry Anderson

Larry Anderson joined the board in 2005, after the unexpected death of then- /board chair, lawyer Clayton Axtell III. A partner in Hinman, Howard, and Kattell, he helps guide the board through any legal hurdles or questions. He is a former board chair. Larry, an ardent skier, is a lifelong area resident.

Linda Biemer
Linda Biemer joined the board in 2000 as its first female. At the time she had recently retired as Dean of Binghamton University’s School of Education and Human Development (since merged into the College of Community and Public Affairs.) An area native, Linda spent many years in Cortland. She has served as chair, and will leave the board when her term expires at the end of 2018.

Jennifer Conway
Jennifer Conway joined the board in 2018. She is President and CEO of the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce. New to the area a couple of years ago, she brings a fresh perspective both on the business world and on the nonprofit world. Jennifer faces the challenge of balancing her very active role in the community with her role as wife and mother of young children.

Gary Holcomb
Gary Holcomb joined the board in 2005. He retired early from Universal Instruments, and has kept busy since then as Deputy Supervisor at the Town of Fenton. He served the board for several years as secretary/treasurer. Something of a wine connoisseur, and a longtime HS volleyball official, Gary also enjoys spending time with his grandchildren.

Patricia Ingraham

Patricia Ingraham, board chair, joined the board in 2006. At the time, she was still serving Binghamton University as founding Dean of its College of Community and Public Affairs. Since retiring in 2013, she has continued to provide leadership to Klee with her extensive background in community planning.  With her grandchildren living on the west coast, Pat, too, faces some schedule juggling. A native North Dakotan, Pat came to this area in the 60’s.

Bill Orband Jr.
Bill Orband, also an area native, joined his father in the Orband Insurance Agency. After his father’s death he has continued to run the agency – conveniently located in the same building as the Klee office. He joined the Klee board in 2004 and has served as its chair. He loves paintings by local artist Armond DellaSanta. An ardent baseball enthusiast, Bill often assists the Rumble Ponies announcer at home games – and his office is a veritable museum of baseball memorabilia. He has to balance attending his grandsons’ games with his appearances at the Ponies stadium. He’s also seen at every Binghamton University home basketball game – and sometimes at away games. Bill’s term expires at the end of 2018.

Arthur Orr
Arthur Orr joined the board in 2004, bringing his many years of business experience as Assistant Vice-President and Loan Officer at Marine Midland Bank. He serves the board as informal historian of the foundation, as well as in his position as Secretary/Treasurer. In 2017, 60th anniversary of the Klee Foundation, the board established the Arthur Orr volunteer service award in his honor. Art and his wife are very active in their church. His term expires at the end of 2018.

Prakash Ramanathan
Prakash Ramanathan joined the board in 2010, and currently serves as Vice-Chair. He brings extensive knowledge of healthcare from his position at UHS Hospitals as Director of Clinical Operations & Neuroscience Services. A lifelong area resident, Prakash recently joined the ranks of parenthood when his son was born in 2017. He, too, faces the challenge of meshing a demanding schedule and responsibilities with becoming a father.