Guidelines for Grants

The Klee Foundation board has established a spending policy that determines the amount of funding available annually for new grants.

The board will primarily consider proposals it determines to be within its current focus. Proposals need to demonstrate how the applying organization or initiative contributes to addressing a documented community need.  In addition, board members review proposals for their potential to build capacity or sustainability.

A nonprofit wishing to apply should first call or email the office for an initial screening.  If a proposal appears to fall within our current guidelines, we’ll schedule a meeting with key members of the organization to determine whether it’s eligible to submit a full proposal.

In 2017, the Klee Foundation awarded WSKG $150,000 for Chasing the Dream, a three-year awareness campaign that examines poverty in the Southern Tier of New York. Using television, radio and digital outlets, Chasing the Dream explores the challenges posed by poverty across the region and looks at local organizations that work to provide solutions.

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We fund grants in the arts, humanities, education, health, human services.

For a proposal to be considered, it should show it doesn’t unnecessarily duplicate programs of other organizations, it has explored alternative funding sources, and has some reasonable assurance of ongoing support.

In 2012, the Foundation created a signature project that met two of the four elements of its focus: “educating and promoting healthy lifestyles” and “encouraging synergism that occurs when organizations cooperate to promote these ends”. Although the original project sought to address causes of childhood obesity, the complexity of that issue led the project to grow into a Healthy Lifestyles Coalition that involves neighborhood residents and a team of nonprofits working together on the North Side of Binghamton.  After four years, that project now resides at United Way, and continues to expand its impact.

The board is currently exploring similar multi-year, multi-faceted projects based on the most urgent community needs.


Grants are limited to qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations located in Broome County, New York or almost exclusively serving its residents.

We do not make grants to or for the following:

  1. To individuals;
  2. To organizations with so many counterparts that funding one could lead to an unrealistic number of similar requests, such as scout troops, volunteer fire departments, ambulance squads, individual schools, PTAs, or other similar groups;
  3. To organizations that received their last grant payment less than two years ago.
  4. For religious purposes (churches or agencies) including programs that have a religious component;
  5. To United Way agencies for general operating support.
  6. To support special events, such as music or arts festivals, conference sponsorships, workshops, etc., unless there is a realistic, actionable plan for follow-up activities or sustainability.


Our board may award a grant on a challenge basis, if it appears that such an award would help an organization raise other funds. We may also provide a grant as matching funds toward a grant supported by another funder.

Procedures for Submitting Grant Proposals


Inquiries to determine eligibility must precede submission of a full proposal. Please call the foundation office, (607) 722-2266, or submit a brief written inquiry by email ( or USPS. For most proposals, agency representatives will need to meet with Klee staff no later than two weeks prior to submission deadline. We’ll provide assistance to qualified organizations in the preparation of grant proposals. Applicants must use 2018 Uniform Grant Application available on this website under Download Forms.


Grants will be considered at meetings in the spring and in the fall. Proposals should be submitted according to published deadlines (see below for current dates), available at the beginning of each calendar year. With Foundation approval, on a limited basis, grants may be considered at other meetings. Please call the Foundation office for more information.

Applying Organization

For general operating support, we primarily consider only the following:

  • Organizations that historically have been funded by Klee, that demonstrate reasonable sustainability and for whom Klee funding has a significant impact.
  • Organizations for which a one-time operating grant will increase their capacity to meet a documented community need, and that show the ability to sustain increased capacity without further Klee assistance.

In addition, we may consider a project grant for one-time support for a program, which will increase an organization’s capacity to serve its constituency.

All proposals must be discussed with foundation staff prior to submission. In addition to the information requested on the Uniform Grant Application, all submissions must also include:

All proposals should use 1″ margins on all sides, and a font no smaller than Times New Roman 12. Only 1 copy of the proposal is necessary.

Project Grants

NOTE: An agency may not apply annually for a project grant; nor while it has a prior project grant open; nor if it received a grant payment less than two years ago.

In addition to Uniform Grant Application form, the following should be included:

If you are applying for project support, you should be able to demonstrate the probability of future ongoing funding from other sources to replace any funding we might provide in the current year.

For most proposals, agency representatives will need to meet with Klee staff no later than two weeks prior to submission deadline.

Schedule for Grant Proposals to the Klee Foundation

Note: all applicants must speak/meet with staff before submitting a grant proposal. See guidelines.

Board meets in March to consider eligible 2018-2019 annual operating and other qualified proposals that have been approved for submission.
Board meets in November to consider eligible 2019 annual operating and other qualified proposals that have been approved for submission.