Grant Recipient Forms

Please note: These forms are for the use of agencies that were awarded a grant prior to 2020 and need to request a payment or submit a report to Klee.

All recent grantees (those receiving grants post-January 2020) should use the follow-up forms located on their dashboard within our online grants system.

Klee Volunteer Recognition Program

In 2017, the Klee Foundation created the Arthur Orr Award for Exemplary Volunteer Service to recognize and show appreciation for the unsung heroes serving our community. The Foundation invites nonprofits in Broome County whose mission closely aligns with that of the Klee Foundation to nominate a volunteer who has provided extraordinary service to that organization over an extended period. The Volunteer Award Committee is especially seeking volunteers residing in Broome County who inspire others through their service. The Foundation will honor the volunteer selected at its Annual Grantees Reception in November. In addition, a $1,000 grant will be made to the nonprofit of the volunteer’s choice.

Those organizations who wish to nominate someone should use the Volunteer Nomination form found via the link below.

Nominations are due September 13, 2019 by 1:00 p.m.

For more information regarding the nomination process:
Contact the Klee office at 607-722-2266


DOWNLOAD –> Volunteer Award Nomination Form (DOCX)

Program Outline

To provide a volunteer recognition program that is highly regarded by the community. To honor an outstanding volunteer who is an “unsung hero” not otherwise publicly recognized. Qualifying applications will identify outstanding volunteers meeting the criteria listed below.

A person who donates service without pay or other compensation except expenses actually and reasonably incurred and approved by the supervising organization.


  1. Service given above and beyond the typical volunteer role.
  2. Service given singularly to one Broome County nonprofit over an extended period.
  3. Service that shows continuous commitment.
  4. Service that enhances the quality of the program and its reputation in the community.
  5. Service that includes mentoring other volunteers and being an example to others.


  1. Volunteers to political efforts.
  2. Elected/appointed officials and declared candidates.
  3. Individuals who have served on the board of the organization.


  1. The Volunteer Award Committee will notify both the nominee selected and the organization submitting the application of the Klee Board’s final decision.
  2. The Klee Foundation will recognize the award recipient at its annual November reception for grantees.
  3. A Broome County nonprofit of the Volunteer’s choice will receive a $1,000 grant in his/her name.

Board Information Sheet


In performing its due diligence for each grant request, the Klee Foundation looks at the proposed program to understand how it relates to the organization’s mission and long-range plan.  Equally important are the policies that its board has put in place to ensure effective management of the organization, to adhere to legal requirements, and to promote best practices.   For this reason we ask that a Board officer respond to the following questions.  Click under each question and type your response into the text box. Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have concerning this form.



  1. How often does your board meet?
  2. What is your attendance policy? How is it acted upon? What constitutes a quorum?
  3. Do you have a policy limiting terms of office for board members and officers?
    If yes, please explain:
  4. Do you have a nominating/governance committee?
    What is its responsibility?
  5. Does any staff member serve as a voting member of the board?

    If yes, please explain:
  6. Does your board have a policy to promote pluralism and diversity within:
    Your board?


    (If yes, please attach)
  7. Do you have policies to avoid material conflicts of interest, for board and staff?

    (If yes, please attach)
    Are the forms filled out annually?
  8. Do you have a written planning document?
    (If yes, please attach)
    Please describe your ongoing planning process.
  9. Do you have written personnel policies?
    By whom and how often are they reviewed?
  10. What is the procedure for board review of the Executive Director?
  11. How does the board evaluate the effectiveness of your programs?


SIGNED ___________________________________________________________   DATE _____________________

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Final Report Guidelines

Final report:

Your Final report to the Klee Foundation, due at the end of your grant period, serves several purposes:

  1. It shows that the grant was used according to the original agreement.
  2. It evaluates the successes – and failures – in carrying out the project.
  3. It takes the broad view of the project, from onset to end of grant period.
  4. It’s an opportunity to tell us anything else you want us to know about your program or project and its future, including advice you may wish to offer other organizations that plan to pursue a similar project.

Your final report to the Klee Foundation, unlike the interim report, will be a narrative with an attached final budget. (for comparison purposes, the final budget should be in the same format as the budget originally

Include the dates of the grant period, and the grant number.

Please use the following questions to develop your narrative (no handwritten reports!) along with answers to any additional questions you’d like to ask and answer. Where appropriate, support answers with quantitative data. Relate your answers to the original evaluation criteria as laid out in the grant proposal.

  1. What have been the project’s primary accomplishments? how were they achieved? how do they
    relate to theoriginal objectives outlined in your grant proposal?
  2. What have been the project’s shortfalls?
  3. What factors affecting the project have changed since the beginning of the grant period, and how
    have any such changes affected the project?
  4. What unanticipated problems have you encountered in carrying out the project, and how did you
    manage these problems?
  5. If your project is continuing, what are the ongoing plans and how will it be financed?
  6. If another organization were to consider undertaking a similar project, what advice would you offer,
    based on your experience with the project?
  7. Do you have any suggestions for the Klee Foundation which might be helpful in making any future
    grants similar to yours?

HERE ARE SOME QUESTIONS TO STIMULATE YOUR THINKING. These are not designed to be answered in your report to us, but rather to help you think about your project in as many ways as possible.

  • What do you know now that you wish you didn’t?
  • Would you change the format project if you could go back and start again?
  • Was it worth it?
  • Would you do it again?
  • How much difference would more or less money have made?
  • Did you involve outside expertise? If so, would you do so again?

PLEASE NOTE: Whoever prepares the report should review the original grant contract letter. Include the date of the report, the name and number of the grant, and the dates covered by the entire grant period.

Final reports are shared with Foundation staff and board and, from time to time, may be shared with other organizations. We really enjoy reading these final reports, and almost always learn from them.


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2018 Klee Foundation Grants


Binghamton Philharmonic $50,000
Broome County Arts Council $55,000
Broome County Council of Churches $9,000
Broome County Historical Society $25,000
Klee House $10,000
NYCON toward mini-grants for technical assistance $10,000
Roberson Musuem & Science Center $74,000
Samaritan Counseling Center $15,000
Tri Cities Opera $90,000
YWCA, restricted to childcare $20,000
AVRE – Second Floor Buildout and Renovation $50,000
Big Brother Big Sister – Broome County Capacity Building – 5 yrs. $210,000
Binghamton University Research Foundation – Harpursville School Pilot – 3 yrs. $93,320
Community Foundation – Early Childhood Certificate $30,000
Community Foundation – Early Childhood Capacity Building Fund – 5 yrs. $150,000
Deposit Community Park – Playground Construction $44,000
Food Bank of the Southern Tier – Broome-Tioga BOCES Food Pantry $10,000
Literacy Volunteers – Broome County ESL Capacity Building – 3 yrs. $50,000
Roberson Museum – Arts Adventure Collaboration $30,000
TOTAL PROJECT GRANTS 2018 $1,025,320
TOTAL GRANTS AWARDED 2018 $1,383,320

2017 Klee Foundation Grants


Binghamton Philharmonic $50,000
Broome County Arts Council $55,000
Broome County Council of Churches $9,000
Broome County Historical Society $25,000
Klee House $10,000
NYCON toward mini-grants for technical assistance $10,000
Roberson Musuem & Science Center $69,000
Samaritan Counseling Center $15,000
Tri Cities Opera $60,000
YWCA, restricted to childcare $20,000
Greater Binghamton Education Outreach Program (GBEOP) for Workforce Development – 5 yrs. $235,000
Harpursville Central Schools 5 years to establish Promise Zone program in district – 5 yrs. $200,540
Mothers & Babies Perinatal Network to improve healthy outcomes for pregnant mother – 3 yrs. $80,846
Tri-Cities Opera Challenge Grant $35,000
Trinity Church – In Memory of Ferris Akel for Requiem Concert $500
VINES for expanding gardens $132,500
WSKG for education on poverty –  3 yrs. $150,000
TOTAL GRANTS AWARDED 2017 $1,157,386

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The Conrad and Virginia Klee Foundation is committed to promoting, nurturing and educating a healthy, economically viable community.

Klee Foundation Executive Director to Retire in August

Peckham has served nonprofit and philanthropic community nearly forty years

February 27, 2019

The Board of Directors of the Conrad and Virginia Klee Foundation announces that Judith C. Peckham, the Foundation’s Executive Director, will retire at the end of August 2019. Ms. Peckham, who has served for over thirteen years as Klee’s first Executive Director, has a nearly forty year record of service to the non-profit and philanthropic communities in Broome County, including Roberson Museum and Science Center, the Hoyt Foundation, Ahearn and Howland Foundations, and as founding director of the Community Foundation. Ms. Peckham was instrumental in the creation of the Broome County Arts Council, the Broome Leadership Institute, and in the formation of Exponent Philanthropy, a national organization for foundations with few or no staff. During several of her eighteen years as a SUNY-Broome trustee, she served as chair. She continues as an officer of the UHS  board of directors that she previously chaired. In addition, she has served on numerous local, state and national nonprofit boards and has been mentor for many non-profit executives and board members in Broome County and elsewhere. In 2016, she was named “A Woman of Distinction” by the NYPENN Pathways Council of the Girl Scouts, and later that year received the Sigma Award from the Binghamton University Dept. of Public Administration “For a lifetime of service to greater Binghamton.”

An event thanking Ms. Peckham and celebrating her achievements will be held this summer on a date to be announced. The search for a replacement will begin immediately; the job announcement may be viewed by clicking here.


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