Klee Foundation Focus Statement

The Conrad and Virginia Klee Foundation is committed to promoting, nurturing and educating a healthy, economically viable community. Accordingly, we will give priority to grant proposals seeking funding to support sustainable programs that can demonstrate how they can help to achieve that goal and that can demonstrate how they meet a documented community need.

Elements of this goal may include, but not be limited to:

  • Educating and promoting healthy lifestyles
  • Encouraging organizations to collaborate
  • Ensuring that all people in Broome County – from recent high school grads to older adults – have access to higher education
  • Strengthening the rich arts opportunities of the area

(Original approved 8-12-2008
Modified version approved 7-12-2017)

Foundation Principles & Standards

Adoption of Principles & Standards for Private Foundations

The Board of Directors of the Klee Foundation joins other foundations, charities and corporate giving programs across the country in supporting  Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice: A Guide for Charities and Foundations. 

We agree that the Principles issued by the Panel on the Nonprofit Sector provide a strong guide for private foundations and public charities that aspire to high standards of governance and ethical practice.  We join in encouraging board and staff leaders of every charitable organization to examine these principles carefully and determine how best they should be applied to their own operations.

The Guide resulted from charities and foundations reflecting a broad cross-section of the American nonprofit community coming together for the first time to develop principles of good governance that they aspire to and encourage all organizations to follow. The commitment of nonprofits to strengthening their operations is clear from the response to the Guide: over 30,000 copies were ordered during the first month of its release. Nonprofits are already reporting that examining the 33 principles in the Guide has both given them confidence in their operations, since they have many of the recommendations in place, and indicated areas in which they can improve existing policies.

You may obtain a single copy from the Klee Foundation office upon request.

The Klee Foundation Board has also adopted Principles for Grantmakers prepared by the Minnesota Council on Foundations which create benchmarks against which a private foundation can hold itself accountable to the communities which it serves.


Useful Links

Exponent Philanthropy
(formerly The Association of Small Foundations)

1720 N Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: 202-580-6560
Fax: 202-580-6579
This membership organization provides information and expertise to foundations that have few or no staff members, regardless of asset size.  It offers a variety of services, from newsletters to conferences to Directors and Officers Insurance.  Members may contact other members for support and information.

Exponent Philanthropy welcomes all philanthropists and philanthropic organizations that operate with few or no staff, regardless of giving vehicle. The organization amplifies the impact of all philanthropists who choose to give big while staying small.

NYCON (New York Council on Nonprofits)
Main office: 272 Broadway
Albany, NY 12204
Phone: 800-515-5012
NYCON is a 501(C)(3) statewide association that provides a collective policy voice for the nonprofit sector and serves as a crucial support and information provider.

NYCON is the “Soapbox and Toolbox” for New York’s Nonprofits
It works to provide the following resources for member organizations:

  • Capacity Building, Governance & Operations Support for Nonprofits
  • Educational Events and Conferences
  • Group Purchasing & Discount Programs
  • Employee Benefits and Insurance Programs

The New York Council of Nonprofits (NYCON) works together with its members, other nonprofits, communities, funders and stakeholders to build the capacity of nonprofits and communities to enhance the quality of life through responsive, cost-effective service and by forming a long-term, multi-layered service relationship with our member nonprofits.

It also works in close partnership with government (federal, state and local) and the private sector (community foundations, private foundations, and United Ways) to educate and directly assist their nonprofit constituencies.

NYCON works with Broome area foundations that fund its free workshops and seminars in Binghamton throughout the year.  It also provides small capacity-building grants to qualified applicants.  See website for details and current schedule.

Council on Foundations
2121 Crystal Drive, Suite 700
Arlington, VA 22202
Phone: 800-673-9036
The Council on Foundations is a membership organization serving grantmakers, family foundations, corporate giving programs, international grantmakers, and others.
Grantmakers Forum of New York
75 College Avenue, Suite 311
Rochester, NY 14607-1009
Phone: 585-232-2380
Fax: 585-232-8413
Grantmakers Forum of New York is a source for networking, news, and information about grantmaking and organized philanthropy in Upstate New York and is a resource and catalyst for effective philanthropy.
Independent Sector
1602 L Street NW, SUite 900
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: 202-467-6100
Fax: 202-467-6101
“The charitable community is one of the strongest and most trusted forces for good in American society. It is the vibrant meeting ground for nonprofits, foundations, corporations, and individuals of diverse missions, united in common purpose: working together to improve all lives, heal our natural world, and strengthen democratic society. Independent Sector is where everyone committed to strengthening the common good comes together to share ideas, leverage resources, and co-create a brighter future for our communities.”

“In the nonprofit sector, the fiercest champions of excellence may have their say. So may the champions of liberty and justice.”


Contact Information

Location:  84 Court St., Suite 510, Binghamton 13901

The office is located at the corner of Collier and Court Streets in downtown Binghamton, near the historic county courthouse building. Limited parking is available on Collier St. Parking is also available within a short walking distance at the State St. parking ramp.

For door to door driving directions,
click the red location marker in the map image above.

Hours:  Our core hours are 9-1 M-F except holidays.  Letters and large envelopes may be placed through the slot in our door if the office is closed.  However, if you need to see either the executive director, Amanda McIntyre, or the administrative assistant, Michele Duquella, it’s best to call first.

Phone:  607-722-2266

Fax: 607-722-2264

E-mail: info@kleefoundation.org

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    Report Forms and What We Want to Know

    Area foundations have developed a UNIFORM GRANT APPLICATION (UGA) and a UNIFORM INTERIM GRANT REPORT FORM (UGR). We’ve done this to make the grant reporting process easier for you. The Klee Foundation is pleased to have been part of this effort. On this website below you may access both the forms and tips for using them by following the link we’ve provided: (UGA) and (UGR)

    There is also a Request for Payment form which must be used when you wish a grant payment, even if scheduled. These forms have been updated for 2018. Please do not use earlier forms.

    As you will see, the final report does not use a form – follow the guidelines provided.

    These forms are interactive, allowing you to fill them out on your computer and then print.

    Please call with any questions (607-722-2266) and let us assist you.

    Interim reports:

    Your Interim report to the Klee Foundation serves several purposes:

    1. it accounts to us for your expenditure of the grant monies
    2. it helps us to track how your program has progressed
    3. It gives you the opportunity to describe your project or program since the grant was awarded or since your last report, telling us all about what’s been going on — not just how the grant money was spent.

    Please use the UGR Interim report form provided, which is two pages. Read the questions on the report form carefully.

    If plans, personnel or objectives have changed in any way since the grant proposal, include that information. What obstacles or unexpected circumstances have affected your program? Reports are
    cumulative in your grant file.

    We don’t want to burden you with this, but in addition to basic accountability, we really are interested in how it’s going!

    Final report:

    Your Final report to the Klee Foundation, due at the end of your grant period, serves several purposes:

    1. It shows that the grant was used according to the original agreement.
    2. It evaluates the successes – and failures – in carrying out the project.
    3. It takes the broad view of the project, from onset to end of grant period.
    4. It’s an opportunity to tell us anything else you want us to know about your program or project and its future, including advice you may wish to offer other organizations that plan to pursue a similar project.

    Your final report to the Klee Foundation, unlike the interim report, will be a narrative with an attached final budget. (for comparison purposes, the final budget should be in the same format as the budget originally

    Include the dates of the grant period, and the grant number.

    Please use the following questions to develop your narrative (no handwritten reports!) along with answers to any additional questions you’d like to ask and answer. Where appropriate, support answers with quantitative data. Relate your answers to the original evaluation criteria as laid out in the grant proposal.

    1. What have been the project’s primary accomplishments? how were they achieved? how do they
      relate to theoriginal objectives outlined in your grant proposal?
    2. What have been the project’s shortfalls?
    3. What factors affecting the project have changed since the beginning of the grant period, and how
      have any such changes affected the project?
    4. What unanticipated problems have you encountered in carrying out the project, and how did you
      manage these problems?
    5. If your project is continuing, what are the ongoing plans and how will it be financed?
    6. If another organization were to consider undertaking a similar project, what advice would you offer,
      based on your experience with the project?
    7. Do you have any suggestions for the Klee Foundation which might be helpful in making any future
      grants similar to yours?

    HERE ARE SOME QUESTIONS TO STIMULATE YOUR THINKING. These are not designed to be answered in your report to us, but rather to help you think about your project in as many ways as possible.

    • What do you know now that you wish you didn’t?
    • Would you change the format project if you could go back and start again?
    • Was it worth it?
    • Would you do it again?
    • How much difference would more or less money have made?
    • Did you involve outside expertise? If so, would you do so again?

    PLEASE NOTE: Whoever prepares the report should review the original grant contract letter. Include the date of the report, the name and number of the grant, and the dates covered by the entire grant period.

    Final reports are shared with Foundation staff and board and, from time to time, may be shared with other organizations. We really enjoy reading these final reports, and almost always learn from them.

    Return to forms list

    2016 Klee Foundation Grants


    Binghamton Philharmonic and $5,000 Challenge Grant $50,000
    Broome County Arts Council $53,000
    Broome County Council of Churches $7,500
    Broome County Historical Society $20,000
    Klee House $6,000
    NYCON toward mini-grants for technical assistance $10,000
    Roberson Musuem & Science Center $67,000
    Samaritan Counseling Center $12,000
    Tri Cities Opera $60,000
    United Way of Broome County $154,000
    YWCA, restricted to childcare $20,000
    Broome County Council of Churches toward renovation of CHOW warehouse $11,100
    Cider Mill Playhouse (additional for prior special) $35,000
    Cider Mill Playhouse toward move to new location $50,000
    Cider Mill Playhouse Challenge Grant 1-1 toward move to new location $50,000
    Community Foundation for further study of needs assessment $5,000
    Exponent Philanthropy toward 20th Anniversary Program $2,500
    Klee House for windows and doors $13,000
    Salvation Army toward building North side community center $300,000
    Samaritan Counseling Center toward new location $25,000
    TOTAL PROJECT GRANTS 2016 $491,600
    TOTAL GRANTS AWARDED 2016 $951,100

    2013 Klee Foundation Grants

    Binghamton Philharmonic $45,000
    Broome County Arts Council $48,000
    Broome County Council of Churches $7,500
    Broome County Historical Society $10,000
    Klee House (1-1 challenge grant) $1,000
    NYCON toward mini-grants for technical assistance $10,000
    Phelps Mansion $7,500
    Roberson Musuem & Science Center $65,000
    Tri Cities Opera $35,000
    United Way of Broome County $154,000
    YWCA, restricted to childcare $20,000
    ACHIEVE (toward renovation of facility) $25,000
    Art Mission Theatre (toward conversion to digital system) $25,000
    Binghamton University (toward Patricia W. Ingraham Doctoral Scholarship) $10,000
    Cidermill Playhouse  Capacity building: toward interim executive director/restructuring $69,000
    Deposit Theater  Capacity building: toward purchase/installation of digital projector $15,000
    Family & Children’s Society (toward new HVAC system) $58,000
    Jewish Community Center (toward playground equipment) $25,000
    Klee House (for roof repair) $4,000
    Southern Tier Zoological Society (Ross Park Zoo) Capacity building: to expand gift shop $50,000
    Whitney Point Preschool & Daycare  Capacity building: toward purchase of buildings for program expansion $30,000
    YWCA of Broome County  Capacity building: toward development position $43,240
    TOTAL PROJECT GRANTS 2013 $354,240
    TOTAL GRANTS AWARDED 2013 $757,240

    2014 Klee Foundation Grants

    2014 GRANT AWARDS  
    Binghamton Philharmonic $45,000
    Broome County Arts Council $48,000
    Broome County Council of Churches $7,500
    Broome County Historical Society $10,000
    Klee House (1-1 challenge grant) up to $1,000
    NYCON toward mini-grants for technical assistance $10,000
    Roberson Musuem & Science Center $67,000
    Samaritan Counseling Center $10,000
    Tri Cities Opera $35,000
    United Way of Broome County $154,000
    YWCA, restricted to childcare $20,000
    AVRE (toward equipment) $150,000
    Binghamton City Schools (for at-risk students) $14,000
    Klee House (for chimney repair) $2,250
    Rural Health Network (for staff coordinator for Food and Health Network) $70,000
    UHS Foundation (toward breast tomography equipment) $175,000
    TOTAL PROJECT GRANTS 2014 $411,250
    TOTAL GRANTS AWARDED 2014 $808,750

    2015 Klee Foundation Grants

    2015 GRANT AWARDS  
    Binghamton Philharmonic $45,000
    Broome County Arts Council $48,000
    Broome County Council of Churches $7,500
    Broome County Historical Society $15,000
    Klee House (’15 and ’16 operating) $10,000
    NYCON toward mini-grants for technical assistance $10,000
    Roberson Musuem & Science Center
    (includes $2,000 one-time special)
    Samaritan Counseling Center $10,000
    Tri Cities Opera $35,000
    United Way of Broome County $154,000
    YWCA, restricted to childcare $20,000
    Binghamton University Research Foundation
    (Promise Zone to link with HLC, over 3 years)
    Broome County Arts Council (toward transition) $7,500
    Cider Mill Playhouse (additional for prior special) $40,000
    Exponent Philanthropy $3,000
    Tri Cities Opera (Capacity building, over 3 years) $123,000
    TOTAL PROJECT GRANTS 2015 $359,500
    TOTAL GRANTS AWARDED 2015 $783,000