The Klee Foundation Board of Directors appreciates the hard work and efforts of the volunteers in our community. "In every organization, there are volunteers who work behind the scenes and who do not seek leadership positions or recognition, but their dedication and service is critical to the success of the organization," said Patricia Ingraham, Klee Board Chair.

In recognition of their work, the Klee Board of Directors is accepting nominations for exemplary volunteers within our community.  

The Klee Board created/designed this award intending to receive nominations from those organizations that have previously been funded by the Klee Foundation.  However, the board will consider nominations from nonprofit organizations whose mission closely aligns with that of the Klee Foundation, and whose programs are designed around identified critical needs of the community.

The Board encourages each nonprofit applying to nominate an individual living in Broome County who inspires them through their volunteer service. The Board will honor the volunteer selected at its Annual Grantees Reception in November 2017. In addition, $1,000 grant will be made to the nonprofit of the volunteer’s choice, in his/her name.

Those organizations who wish to nominate someone should use the Volunteer Recognition and Verification form found via the link below.

All nominations must be received by 1:00 p.m. Friday September 15, 2017.

For more information regarding the nomination process:
Contact the Klee office at 607-722-2266


DOWNLOAD --> Volunteer Recognition & Verification Form (DOC)



To provide a volunteer recognition program that is highly regarded by the community. Qualifying applications will identify outstanding volunteers living in Broome County and volunteering singularly for a particular nonprofit – one that addresses community needs that are priorities for the Klee Foundation.

A person who donates service without pay or other compensation except expenses actually and reasonably incurred and approved by the supervising agency. Volunteers to political efforts, elected/appointed officials, and declared candidates are ineligible.


  1. Service given above and beyond the typical volunteer role.
  2. Service given singularly to one nonprofit over an extended period.
  3. Service that shows continuous commitment.
  4. Service that enhanced the quality of the program and its reputation in the community.
  5. Service that includes mentoring other volunteers and being an example to others.

The award recipient will be recognized at Klee's annual November reception for grantees. Also, a nonprofit of the Volunteer's choice will receive a $1,000 grant in his/her name.

50 Years of Service