Exponent Philanthropy
(formerly Association of Small Foundations)

1720 N Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: 202-580-6560
Toll-free: 888-212-9922
Fax: 202-580-6579

The Association of Small Foundations is now Exponent Philanthropy

We adopted a new name and a new brand in late March 2014 to welcome all philanthropists who choose to give with few or no staff, regardless of giving vehicle, and to champion more effectively this unique and powerful form of philanthropy. We assure you that the people and resources you have come to count on will continue to be available to you.

This transition was the result of a 2-year strategic planning process and brand review, which included input from colleagues, partners, and, most important, our members. It recognizes the growing trend of philanthropists choosing to give with few or no staff, and the growing use of multiple giving vehicles.

We are excited by the opportunities to broaden our vibrant network and amplify the impact of all philanthropists who choose to give big while staying small.

Welcome to Exponent Philanthropy!

This is a membership organization of over 3,000 members.  Established over 10 years ago, its purpose is to provide information and expertise to foundations that have few or no staff members, regardless of asset size.  It offers a variety of services, from newsletters to conferences to Directors and Officers Insurance.  Members may contact other members for support and information.

Council on Foundations
2121 Crystal Drive, Suite 700
Arlington, VA 22202
Phone: 800-673-9036

The Council on Foundations is a membership organization serving grantmakers, family foundations, corporate giving programs, international grantmakers, and others.

Grantmakers Forum of New York
75 College Avenue, Suite 311
Rochester, NY 14607-1009
Phone: 585-232-2380
Fax: 585-232-8413

Grantmakers Forum of New York is your source for networking, news, and information about grantmaking and organized philanthropy in Upstate New York and is a resource and catalyst for effective philanthropy.

Independent Sector
1602 L Street NW, SUite 900
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: 202-467-6100
Fax: 202-467-6101

"The charitable community is one of the strongest and most trusted forces for good in American society. It is the vibrant meeting ground for nonprofits, foundations, corporations, and individuals of diverse missions, united in common purpose: working together to improve all lives, heal our natural world, and strengthen democratic society. Independent Sector is where everyone committed to strengthening the common good comes together to share ideas, leverage resources, and co-create a brighter future for our communities."

"In the nonprofit sector, the fiercest champions of excellence may have their say. So may the champions of liberty and justice."


NYCON (New York Council on Nonprofits)
Main office: 272 Broadway
Albany, NY 12204
Phone: 800-515-5012

NYCON Provides a Wide Array of High Quality, Affordable Solutions. Founded in 1927, NYCON is a membership-based, mission-driven, statewide association of diverse charitable nonprofit organizations. With thousands of nonprofit members, we work to build the capacity of organizations and communities to enhance the quality of life through responsive, cost-effective service.

NYCON works with Broome area foundations that fund their free workshops and seminars in Binghamton throughout the year.

50 Years of Service