Your report to the Klee Foundation serves two purposes:

  1. it accounts to us for your expenditure of the grant monies
  2. it helps us to track how your program has progressed

Describe your project or program since the last report (or since the grant was awarded), telling us all about what’s been going on— not just how the grant money was spent.  If plans, personnel or objectives have changed in any way since the grant proposal, include that information. What obstacles or unexpected circumstances have affected your program?  Please use the report form provided. Reports are cumulative in your grant file.

Read the questions on the report form carefully.  We don’t want this report to be a burdensome task, but with increasing demand for evaluation of projects, we also have an increased need for information from our grantees.

Your final report to the Klee Foundation, due at the end of your grant period, will be a narrative with an attached final budget.  It provides the opportunity to tell us anything else you want us to know about your program or project and its future, including advice you may wish to offer other organizations that plan to pursue a similar project. Final reports are shared with Foundation staff and board and, from time to time, may be shared with other organizations.

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